Can I Wear Headphones With A New Piercing?


Short Answer: It’s recommended to avoid wearing over-ear headphones directly after getting a new ear piercing. This reduces the risk of irritation, infection, or prolonging the healing process. 

Hello, Audio lovers and fashion enthusiasts! Combining personal expression with the beats we love is exhilarating.

As an aficionado of headphones and someone who’s adorned my own ears with multiple piercings over the years, I recognize the conundrum: Can you comfortably and safely wear headphones after that fresh piercing?

With firsthand experience and rigorous research, I aim to guide you through this audio-style maze. Here’s why it matters to me, and why it should to you.

1. The Healing Process

After getting an ear piercing, the initial healing process is crucial. Your ear undergoes a recovery where the skin cells regenerate around the pierced zone.

Ear piercings come in many different styles, from a simple, classic butterfly to a very intricate, detailed design. In the early stages of the healing process, the earring may have some pain.

Fact: Cartilage piercings, commonly located on the upper part of the ear, can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to fully heal.

2. Headphones vs. Fresh Piercings

Wearing over-ear headphones can apply pressure to the freshly pierced area, leading to potential complications:

  • Irritation: Direct contact might cause redness or swelling.
  • Infection Risk: Unclean headphones can transfer bacteria to a fresh wound.
  • Prolonged Healing: Constant friction can delay the healing process.

Tip: If you recently had a piercing, give it breathing space free from any pressure or potential contaminants.

3. Safest Audio Alternatives for Pierced Ears

While over-ear headphones are best avoided, other listening methods pose less risk:

  • In-Ear Headphones: They bypass the outer ear, making them safer. Ensure they’re clean before use.
  • Speakers: Until your piercing heals, perhaps it’s an opportunity to let your music fill the room!
  • Bone-Conduction Headphones: They sit in front of the ear, transmitting sound through your cheekbones.

4. The Care Commandments

A new piercing demands regular cleaning to prevent infections.

Fact: According to the Association of Professional Piercers, saline solution is recommended for cleaning and should be applied using a soft cotton ball.

Quick Solution: Establish a cleaning routine, usually twice a day. Avoid fiddling with the piercing, and keep hair and other potential irritants away.

5. When to Return to Over-Ear Bliss?

Once your piercing feels healed (no pain, redness, or discharge), you might cautiously reintroduce over-ear headphones. However, always prioritize comfort. If it feels uncomfortable, it’s a sign to wait a bit longer.

Tip: Initially, limit your headphone usage to short durations, gradually increasing as comfort permits.


Merging personal style with our love for Audio is an art. While a new piercing is a statement of self-expression, your well-being should always hit the top note.

By ensuring your piercing heals correctly and reintroducing headphones at the right time, you can savor the best of both worlds.

Remember, every piercing and playlist tells a story. Ensure yours resonates with care and flair. Happy listening!


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