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Google business listing is a specialist thing that appears within Google search results 2.

Business information for local searches and for that reasonit’s a very important part of searchengine optimization or SEO these listings appear on the right side ofyour screenhere’s next text listing it will showyou where you leave Google reviews it has links to the website hours addressphone number even a little informationalblurb here and all of this information is up-to-date and correct because nexttech has claimed this listing and wemanage it now the reason that you would want to do that is because a lot of these are generated automatically fromGoogle based on directories that they’ve found across the internet or informationon your website and there might beinformation that is missing or incorrectsuch as a phone number or an incorrectaddress or an out-of-date address andthere might be incorrect hours obviouslyyou want all that information to becorrect another benefit is that you canalso respond directly to Google reviewsthis allows you to deal with bad reviewsand thank customers for good reviews nowfor this example we’re going to find alisting that has not been claimedhere’s one for Nye calm plain viatelephone company the easiest way totell whether or not your listing hasbeen claimed is to look for this linkright..

This google business listing question mark if that’s there this listing hasn’t been claimed.

Initiatethe process you’ll just click that linkif that isn’t there and you don’t ownthe listing that means that someone elsehas claimed the listing in the past andthe process is slightly different sinceyou’re trying to recover ownership thatcan be difficult because maybe thatperson claimed it and they left thecompany it’s still possible to getownership but it’s just a differentprocess so for an unclaimed listing youjust click on this business and thatinitiates the process for you now youcan start by correcting the businessname if you want if there’s anythingcorrect or incorrect maybe you don’t useCEO at the end of your business titlethen you can change it here but we’rejust gonna click Next for now and we canchange that later once we have ownershipyou would also have the opportunity ifthere was no street address to add anaddress but since one is here we’re justgonna leave all that and click Nexton this question it’s primarily forservice area businesses it’s going togive you the opportunity to enterservice areas if you have them but we’renot going to deal with that right nowwe’ll add service areas as necessaryonce we’ve claimed a listing so for nowjust click no I don’t and next on thisscreen you’ll choose your primarybusiness category you enter one categoryhere at this point but you’ll have theopportunity to enter multiple categorieslater here you can change.

Google business listing category to an Internet service provider you’ll just start typing and you’ll see that.

there is a pre-populated list tochoose from so you can’t edit anythingthat you want but there is a verycomprehensive list so choose the onethat’s appropriate for you right now andyou can always change it laternext you can verify your phone numberand your current website I’m going toremove the about us yet from the URLbecause it’s best practice to just haveyour URL now we’re done specifyingbusiness information and we just need toinitiate the verification process we’llclick finish now depending on the amountof information that google has gatheredalready about your business and the typeof business google will say give youseveral ways to verify the easiest wayif it is offered is to use your phonenumber or an email what Google islooking at here is that if you have anemail address at the NYE cobb dotnetdomain and can receive an email at thatdomain then that’s good enough forGoogle to verify that you are associatedwith that business and the same goes forthe phone number verification method onboth options you’ll be receiving a codethat you will provide back to Googlethrough this website proving the chairassociated with this website if this isa brand new listing for abrick-and-mortar business you won’t havethese options and the mostcommon method is the postcard by mailoption this method initiates a postcardfrom.

Google business listing that is bailed to the physical address which contains the verification code.

which you would receive and then come back to this website and provide verify verifying ownership in that way for the sake of this example and because it’s the most common means that you’ll have to use we’re going to choose the postcard by mail verification even though it is a little bit slower our contact here is Lisa so we’re entering our contact name and choose mail now Google is going to let you know that there’s a postcard coming that should arrive within five days now you’ll want to let whoever receives mail at that address know that this postcard is coming because it may look like junk mail and it could easily be thrown away but in the meantime, before that postcard arrives and you take ownership Google will allow you to go ahead and view the dashboard for this google business listing which looks like this you’ll see pending verification at the top but you can go ahead and start adding or correcting listing information.

Google Business Listing won’t publish that changes before verification.

but you can go aheadand make them one of the first thingsyou’ll want to do is look at photos andyou can add a logo or a cover photo orjob site photos the most common areathat you’ll go to is the info sectionthis is where you will change companyname business category where you can addsecondary categories or change yourprimary category you’ll simply begintyping them and choosing them from thelist and then you’ll want to click applyI mentioned adding service area ISM thisis this also the screen where you willadd service areas you can add as manyservice areas as you want depending onthe areas you serve ad businessdescription is where you would providethe informational blurb that appears tothe listing and tells information aboutyour business and the services you offerif you wanted to go ahead and startresponding to reviews you would use thereview screen again these may not bepublished until you’ve been veryfied with Google but you can view theinterface and prepare your replies nowthere are a variety of situations youmight encounter depending on your typeof listing and whether or not it’s everbeen claimed in the past but this is thestandard procedure for claiming a Googlebusiness listing.

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