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How to advertise your small business directory Listing on before starting the tutorial.

I am requesting you if you are new to my Yelp listing verification. Web scraping lead generation data entry local SEO local station or any kind of email list building. Service please feel free to contact me I have a team and we do this kind of project for our clients. A cheap rate so friends let’s start the tutorial so before a staff meeting. Before advertising your business on you have to gather. The important information about your business so here is the damage it.

I have gathered to show you exactly what information you need to advertise on So you need a contact name and you need your business name. At the address, you must have a phone number so that people. Customers can contact you by phone you have the business email please always submit your business email. So that customers can also contact you through email urges website if you have.

Their business directory listing website then submits this business website on the air become so

That customers can visit your website They can learn more about your service but if you have no website please contact me. I have a team and we do this kind of website building. These are the basic information you need to submit on

Advertise your business very accurately and perfectly after gathering all the information one thing if you are confused about that information no problem we can do this for you ok we can do this for your holocaust industry no no no you do not need to be worried about the information if you just hire me to do you the job we do this kind of basic thing for our clients with hundred percent accuracy and it is free so friends first of all what you have to do you have to go

The yell calm and on on Just you have to start your business by your business name and location. So these are the two pieces of information you will need. To start on any kind of local directory start before submitting your business. To avoid any kind of duplicate listing most of the workers. freelancers do not check the business before submitting it in total.

Business drinking because if the multiple business directory listing exists.

The same directory site, Google becomes very confused to rank which business a short Google rank understand. So this is the main problem most of the workers. Do not do this one so it’s very very bad for the business ranking. So I always suggest my team members. Do this and we always doing this for our clients so if we need a hundred percent. Accuracy and a perfect project report please contact me we will do this job for you with hundred. So this is to the information.

You need then click on here such when I click on search then all the business will appear. On your path in that case you say that no business we have found so then just click on here add a business. In the section, you will get to option I’m a customer or this is my business. If you are the business owner then you will yell will ask you about four-digit they will give you the four-digit PIN code and you have to submit it. to verify business directory listing but if you do have not enough time.

This please contact us we do this is the phone verification with our technical system but in this case. I just want to choose this one I am a customer. As I am NOT the business owner then you have to log in with your il If you are new then just click on sign up then click on sign up and kill this information.

You have to import your first name last name email address zip code. Your date of birth is here then click on sign up. I will send you a verification link like this one okay like this one. You must verify your email before submitting them. Before submitting the business I have already verified my email address. I just want to log in to my yes okay Yelp listing ilk site then just try to tell them to calm down. This is my email this is my laugh email and this is my password.

Then I’ll go inside my business directory listing India listing.

Then I will get a form to submit that business okay so here country. I just chose the United States country because of this business. The United States and here other information digital marketing so here. The digital marketing I have to create the address where. I have to get the address there if your business is already listed here you can also show it. The solution here and then this one is the best city you have to import all the information.

This one a California and there is cheap food we have to keep a chip good here. This is a zip code that after that we give you the phone number. I stopped making the phone number and here we have to give. The waiver just so all the information. That we have collected these all the information you have to give. Here you have to give your categories so this is the plumbing business.

Just want to show you the plumbing ok so this is just a dummy business directory listing.

Don’t think this one is digital marketing just a dummy name no. I am just doing this one to show you the process ok so after that what then just our the information. Then you can write a review or not ok so here. In this case, I don’t write your review here but if you’re the customer you can write a review. Here is you know that review is very important for Yelp listing. After that, I ano subtil all the information here then click on had added business.

Business and within a very short time and you see that within a very short time. I have found my business listing
here okay so this is that this is my business listing. This business has been so clear that please note that it will
take 48 hours. New the administrator on start ok so within 20 or 48 hours our listing will be visible on

Start it’s already visible but it is they will start about the business directory listing.

Will be on ranking on search within 24 hours. Then what you have to do then add some for to then. You have to add some other information add our success here at ours. You have to input inside the ad hours so this is the ad hours so. I just want to add our squeeze and our, okay.

I just monitored you do not need to try anything. This business inside nothing okay this submit the listing. Hours so business is updated here we get out business hours here you see. That and here we also need to I just want to add some for to here so the photo. I just want to observe here travels and here want to download and index the section. I just want to add some force from here okay some for to. I just want to add here the photo is uploading so are these are three photos. I have are I just want to add here okay so three photos. I have added here and caption if you want to give the caption.

Digital marketing anything or target business directory Listing keyword.

These are you can then click on help finish and I go to the digital marketing. Go to digital marketing and hence you say that this is our business listing. We here you will see that we all although all are the information. We have a successfully submitting submitted on the yielding bottom after 24 hours or 48 hours then if her.

Business is approved on Then he’ll then we’ll find an option like this one so if our business holiday. There too and then okay step Columbia if you want to set to plan. So we will after submitting business we will get an option to verify your listing. So this is one of the client businesses so he is unclaimed. So then Yelp will ask you to claim your listing so claiming. Your listing is very very important because if you’re listening is not claimed you’ll see.

That these are the claim listing and it’s already on the ranking position okay ranking position. So if you want to claim your business listing. Want to correct your business listing please contact me. I will do your job waiting for a hundred percent accuracy.

How To Create Business Directory Listing On Yelp

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