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Createreligious listing website or business directory.

Website for free and I will create this website on WordPress first let me show you some popular business rescue websites as you already know they dot-com except most popular business activity ID here you can upload their business and users can review and comment them and the second most fun is for a square just search any City and you will get all the business you should thereso as you can see here Riven can create his business list here we can upload the photos is business descriptions now let me show you what the what allocate so here I have created our demo website that have you create in this video as you can see here this is the business directory besides that I will create right now silky very attractive responsive website and very professional you can list your business on this website you can just use your business.

You can see here the scans registered your account and adhere to business directory.

We will just spend any businesshere there is the images there sociallinks and inquiry back and review optionand descriptive use such businessdescription air photos map reviews andcreated listings and here is the websiteon voltage everyone can search thebusiness by category or name or addresslike thisso it’s very easy to create as a systemwebsite before I begin I will requestyou to please subscribe my channel easytutorial please click on the subscribebutton and subscribe it now let’s go tothe WordPress website I assume you’vealready know how to install a broadbased on your website if you don’t knowplease follow the links that I willgiving the video description you canlearn how to install a wordpress all ofthe text is very easy just like I amskipping that because I don’t want tomake this video so long so this is thenormal but this website when you willinstall a wordpress if we look like thisto login to your website right yourdomain name after that the loop we adminthrough free cash as we once you logininto your dashboard just go to theappearance and go to the team and herewe will add a new thing click on thisadd newnow in the search box is right.

Searched directly like such for dieting so I got here two teams super supreme business directory.

and every strata so I need toinstall these both team click on thisdirectly started and deep on installnow your dietary starter theme isinstalled now we will see a buttonactivate what’s north activate thisthing because I will I will activatethis super directly supreme directoryteam because this is the child team ofprotect each other so it is tall thisone so now this theme is installed andnow I will activate this one click onactivateokay now we can see here this theme wasdesigned to work with the Geo directoryplugin click here to restore it so clickhere and it will install a Geo directoryWordPress plug-in on your website afterinstallation click on this activatepluginokay after plug-in install ISM now wecan see our side clicker system so now Iwill side with things like this with anew theme now go back to the dashboardand here you can see a message Googlemap with the a key note set click hereclick here and it will ask you to Googlemap API key yes so it’s very easy togenerate a Google map API key here isthe link click here click here and login with your Gmail ID and just createyour Google map when that API key so itwill look like this I am already createdso pop it is API key and get it here nowSaveokay after this what are they setdefault location click on this and flipyour city name for the city you wantcreating your website city name reasonleft q cg reason and country set addresson that now step the changesokay after would be settings andpermalinks says the permalink type -were slim.

I will install some demo data on my website for that go to this one business directory.

Here we will see your tab called number data click on it and here is the button insert data click on this insert data button we will take a few minutes to upload some demo data on your web site now the immediate installation is completed now go back to your website and intercept we will not see in each angel so come back to here and settings and reading click on this static in astatic page and selected 3d home page click Save Changes now refresh your page now you can see all the immediate area so I will come back to this page edges and go to this one and it is the page front page named as whatever you want to write here so I will try to slow your city and click on update now refresh your website okay you can change the icons here these icons that agree I can cut use name come here places and chooses categories okay so these are the places you can add more categoriesand you can edit or deleteover here it is this onenow I will add a menu here to the menuvery wet users can sign up or registeror.

They can add their business Directory for thatcome here in dashboard.

Go to appearance and menus and here you create your menu name right the main menu create and adhere the pages you want to list here click add listing select this one and listing and grants left location okay I will add a custom link also service and deep on handmade add to the menu will add a custom link places OhPeter you are and check this primary menu and now save menu now refresh your page because here this is location add listing and my account as it is already long it’s not rubbish if you find a login or register here now I will change is low for that I have already created a loop goback to appearance and customize keep.

How To Create Business Directory

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